In a world still grappling with the aftershocks of the global pandemic, online training is the only option for most organisations. You can’t host full-day conferences or in-person training sessions, and it’s unlikely that workforces will ever return in their entirety to the office.  

The online learning industry has grown 900% since 2000  and predictions indicate that the global e-learning market will reach $631.57 billion (USD $457.8 billion) by 2026. With Millennials set to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 and Generation Z employees beginning their careers, it’s safe to say the future of professional development lies firmly in the online learning space. 

An online learning management platform like eLurn is therefore fundamental to enable modern organisations to deliver professional development training. Staff can access the portal at any time and any place, making it suitable for modernised workforces where team members demand better work-life balance or may be dispersed across multiple time zones. 


What is eLurn? 

eLurn is a learning management platform that hosts over 150 modules on various topics including cyber security, compliance, onboarding, team culture, Microsoft Office, and many others. We’ve placed a premium on delivering high-quality professional content: all courses have been created by our eLurn team, consisting of registered secondary teachers, in collaboration with subject matter experts from the IT industry.

Drawing on our expert understanding of modern learning trends, we’ve built our modules with a view to make professional learning an efficient, effective, and enjoyable process for end users. Overall, eLurn is designed to handle the full training process — hosting, delivering, assessing, and tracking training progress — in a simplified, stress-free way. 


How does eLurn work? 

All eLurn modules combine instructional screen recordings, complete with annotations and explanations in clear, concise, non-technical language.  Course questions close each module to help reinforce important information and display the understanding gained from the material. 

eLurn is divided into two options — Tier 1 and Tier 2. The standard Tier 1 course library is designed for general staff members with limited technology expertise, with an introduction to Microsoft Office, Windows 10, and general operating systems. The advanced Tier 2 course library includes further information on cyber security, compliance, workplace health and safety, and advanced Microsoft Office functions. 

Organisations keen on advancing their professional training can also work with us to build out customised course content specific to their needs. This can include organisation-specific onboarding modules that improve onboarding efficiency for new starters, especially if they needed to be onboarded remotely. 


How can eLurn help my organisation? 

eLurn assists you in delivering your organisation’s training and professional development needs in a way that maximises organisational efficiency. It takes training online, making professional development business resilient and consistent in a world that is still adjusting to the aftershocks of COVID-19. 

Specifically, eLurn can help an organisation ease the onboarding process for new starters, improve staff usage of technology and products, and uplift staff understanding of modern cyber security concerns. Subscribing to eLurn gives you access to development analytics and reporting, a dedicated support team, and custom course content options to further help organisations with their training needs. 

Adopting a platform like eLurn helps both the organisation and staff members by empowering them to take charge of their professional development. Organisations no longer need to coordinate and book time for all staff members to undertake live training simultaneously. Instead, your team members will enjoy permanent access to frequently updated courses, where they are free to access any time, any place. 


Why eLurn? 

eLurn offers several major benefits to an organisation that can tip the scales when considering what kind of professional development you want to take. All modules within the platform have been designed by our eLurn experts, consisting of registered teachers.

We have also collaborated with industry-leading IT subject matter experts for the content of all courses. This collaboration means our courses cater for modern learning styles with up-to-the-minute course material to maximise learning outcomes for your staff. 

We’ve also partnered with Bully Zero Australia Foundation, the leading bully prevention organisation in the country. We deliver the comprehensive Bully Zero Workplace Program via eLurn to raise bullying awareness, minimise negative behaviour, and encourage individuals to step in when they see bullying in practice. 


To learn more about how eLurn can help take your organisation’s training to the next level and optimise it for the modern workforce, talk to our eLurn specialists today.